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Ezeekleen 2.5 HD

The Ezee Kleen 2.5 HD is designed for offices in geographic areas having tap water mineral levels > 100 PPM (mg/L) or offices using high volumes of water. For geographic areas having tap water mineral levels <100 PPM (mg/L) or smaller offices consider the Ezee Kleen 2.5 Distillation Alternative. Contact Oasis Dental Group Inc. for assistance in determining tap water mineral levels and the appropriate unit for your office.

Produce instantaneous Autoclave safe water

Never run out of water for autoclaves or self-contained water systems

Self-monitors for consistent water quality

Uses four stages of purification

Save money on water!

Eliminate bulky storage of bottles in your office

Produce consistently high quality water that will reduce maintenance and equipment failure

Produce the quality of water necessary to comply with all sterilizer manufacturers’ TDS level guide lines

Dimensions: 16” H x 12” W x 6” D