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About Us

Oasis Dental Group’s goal is simple:  Make the availability of ultra-pure water, primarily for use in autoclaves and closed water systems in dental offices, HASSLE FREE by way of a cost effective, efficient onsite water purification unit.  That is what we do… and it is all we do!  And our commitment is to do it to the best of our ability providing the best company/product in the market!  We are committed to go the extra mile! 

Oasis Dental Group has over 2,000 units in use in dental offices throughout North American.  Our breadth of users spans military bases, penitentiaries, dentist/dental hygiene/dental assistant schools/colleges/universities, group practices, large multi-partner dental offices and many sole-practitioner dental offices crossing all disciplines of dentistry.

Managing a successful dental practice is not easy.  Oasis Dental Group understands this.  There are many factors that impact its success.  The more distractions, complexities presented to the office the more difficult it is for the office to succeed.  Our goal is to remove one time wasting, dollar consuming task from this complex matrix.  This contribution will contribute to the dental office staff being able to concentrate on more important tasks and ensure the dental office is not spending funds and time on small trivial activities needlessly.

Steam sterilization has become the method of choice for sterilizing instruments in the dental office because it offers excellent penetration and relatively short cycles. There are two types of autoclaves/steam sterilizers common to the dental office: conventional systems; and, cassette-style rapid steam heat.  Conventional systems normally operate at 121° C for at least 20 minutes. Cassette-style rapid steam sterilizers normally operate at 135° C for 5 minutes.

Water used in autoclaves/steam sterilizers to generate this steam typically enters a relatively small boiler chamber where it is heated to specified temperatures and evaporates. Instruments are subjected to this heated vaporized steam thereby killing any microbial or viral contaminants present.  Because of these high temperatures, impurities in the supply water for the autoclave/sterilizer remain in the boiler chamber as a residue. This residue can foul the boiler chamber of a steam sterilizer, shorten its’ life and cause it to malfunction or fail completely. Most steam autoclave/sterilizer manufacturers recommend that water with no more than 5 mg/L of Total Dissolved Solids be used. Additionally, some dissolved solids can be carried with the vaporized water to the instruments and cause pitting, especially on non-stainless steel metals.

Our units are designed to provide a very pure grade of water suitable for use in all autoclaves/sterilizers in the dental office. Water processed by our units has little if any impurities and accordingly, can promote more efficient, effective operation and longer life of the autoclave/sterilizer. Additionally, water from our units minimizes the risk of instrument pitting from steam sterilization. The units constantly monitor water quality to ensure it has less than 2.5 mg/L of Total Dissolved Solids present.  Our unit provide a source of water for autoclave purposes that meets all autoclave/sterilizer manufacturer’s guidelines.

Many dental offices have adopted the use of contained (closed) dental unit water systems which operate independent from municipal water supplies.  These systems provide a reservoir to contain the water supplying the dental unit waterlines.  The reservoir allows the user to control the quality of water entering the dental waterlines and additionally, if desired, provides a point of access to introduce disinfectant products into the system to attempt to control microbiological contamination.  These systems also negate the need for backflow preventors on each dental operatory, a common requirement of many municipalities.

The use of our  water in contained dental unit water systems offers several benefits.   The same residues that can foul the boiler chamber of an autoclave/steam sterilizer build up in the dental unit over time and can prematurely shorten its’ life or cause it to malfunction or fail completely.  This build up of residues can also cause handpieces, air/water syringes and ultra-sonic scalers to malfunction.  Use of our water in the dental unit can eliminate this risk.  As well, microbiological dental unit water contamination predominantly originates from low levels of bacteria present in municipal water supplies.  These bacteria enter the dental waterlines and adhere to the walls of the waterlines.  To survive and multiply the bacteria extract food and nutrients in the form of organic matter and inorganic minerals to develop and build an ecosystem in which they can thrive.  Water from our units is processed to minimize microbiological contamination thus minimizing the number of organisms being introduced into the system.  Furthermore, water from our units has little if any organic matter or inorganic minerals present in it, thus minimizing the food supply that bacteria need to build their ecosystem.  While using our water alone may not be enough to prevent microbiological growth in dental unit waterlines it will help to reduce the rate of growth and reduce the frequency of chemical treatment protocols on dental waterlines.  Reduced chemical treatment means less patient exposure to chemicals, less equipment exposure to harsh chemicals, less staff time performing disinfection protocols on waterlines and less cost on chemical treatment products and protocols.

To Oasis Dental hassle free means fast production, simple ease of use and low maintenance.  Staff members should be able to simply go to a tap, turn it on, draw off the water they need and move on.  This way they will have additional time to perform more important, urgent tasks.  This saves the dental office money on previously wasted labour managing the supply of autoclave safe water for the dental office.  It also mitigates the risk of lost down time due to a shortage/lack of supply of autoclave safe water.

To us low simple maintenance means that staff members can perform routine maintenance on our units with little or no training.  They can do it quickly, fitting it to their own schedule, when they have a few moments.  And when done they can be confident they have done it properly and can move onto their next required task.  The dental office does not need to wait for an outside technician to be called in costing, lost down time and additional funds.  All maintenance on our units can be performed quickly and easily by the dental staff.


Setup (installation ease) of our units is important to us.  We want to minimize the time, cost and complexity of getting our units to “ready to use” state.  This ensures that the dental office does not have to make a large investment decision.  Nor do they have to make complex design decisions at an architectural level.  Our units can be easily accommodated into any new office design layout or left for consideration at a later date.  This simplifies the decision making process.  Power and water supply decisions are not significant or costly.  Our smaller unit can be used on a “plug and play” basis above counter right out of the box in less than five minutes.  The unit can be used almost as easily as using your coffee maker. For below counter installation (optional) of our smaller unit or for installation of our larger unit access to 110V AC power either above counter or below counter (ideally) is all that is necessary. Operationally, power consumption is almost non-existent at 6 watts of power costing pennies a day.  Water supply connection decisions are similar.  For below counter installation (optional) of our smaller unit or for installation of our larger unit the water supply connection is achieved by simply connecting our quick connection adaptor fitting to any cold water angle stop valve under counter.  No special tools or complex training is necessary to get our units up and running quickly and easily.

Customer and technical support are of utmost importance to us.  Nobody wants anything to require repair or service.  However this is not reality.  Nor is it realistic to assume that your staff will not change over time and that all staff will be familiar with our units.  You need to know that when your staff contact our toll free support number they will get a live, competent person that can walk them through the solution to their problem and get them back up and running, usually in minutes.  Whether it is explaining the use of our unit, assisting with ordering replacement cartridges or walking them through a repair process our goal is to have competent support available at the touch of a phone.  Furthermore it is important to note that our units are specifically designed taking into consideration user trainability, serviceability and repairability on site at the dental office by the dental staff, further saving the office time and cost.  Our support line is manned from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, Pacific Standard Time ensuring support during your operating hours no matter where you are located in North America.

Lastly, equally important to Oasis Dental is product availability and competitive pricing.  In making the purchase decision a dental practice has to concern itself with where it is purchasing the product from and its availability and supportability.  Oasis Dental Group has been partnered with the biggest and the best dental distributors in the industry since its inception.  This has been a conscious, strategic decision to give you the comfort and confidence that you are purchasing/using a product that is credible and has industry acceptance.  This relationship also gives you the peace of mind that your investment is being protected by your distributor on your behalf.  If you need them, they are there to ensure your interests are being looked after.  Lastly, by Oasis Dental Group being partnered with all of the major distributors in the dental industry you are afforded the choice of determining for yourself who you would like to do business with and secondly that you can remain confident that the price you are paying is a competitive one.

These are Oasis Dental’s goals, simple but important.  We understand the complexities of managing a successful dental office.  We provide solutions to only one, but important task/requirement of the dental office.  We are committed to being the best at what we do.  Oasis Dental Group is a privately owned Canadian company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Our units are designed and assembled at our facilities to the most stringent of standards.  We are solely in the business of providing ultra-pure water for autoclave and closed water system use in the North American market, and have been in the business since 1995.  We know what we are doing and are committed to being the best at what we do!